Audi TT group includes sports car models with Audi TT RS at the top. These models became synonyms for the high-performance and carefree ride, as well as for the steady, reliable and safe vehicles. If considering investment into Audi TT RS, go through this overview of its best features to see that the investment will certainly pay off.

Audi TT RS stands for powerful

Audi TT RS features powerful 2.0 liter and a four-cylinder engine that produces 292 hp and 280 pound-feet of torque. These features are slightly improved performance compared to classic Audi TT and combined with three thousand pounds; you get excellent power to weight ratio.

Quattro All-Wheel Drive System

Automatic shifting of power between wheels achieved with famous Quattro all-wheel drive system integrated into Audi TT RS provides impressive performance and safety levels with adjusting the car to the road condition and your driving style.

Advanced suspension system

Keeping in mind that Audi TT RS is sports model of a car, the suspension systems are manufactured to be tighter than standards suspension systems. Magnetic suspension is to be credited for more comfortable driving compared to other Audi models.

Superb transmission system

One of the greatest features of Audi TT RS is its six-speed automated gearbox. This transmission system combines automated and manual transmission due to shifting provided by vehicle’s computer. As a result, you get smooth shifting and the feeling of effortless speed changes.

Electric steering for powerful control

The electric steering system of Audi TT RS is variable and designed to adjust its responsiveness according to the road conditions, speeding, and frequency of turning. Its best performances are seen on the highway with high speed developed when it provides the impression of amazing control of the vehicle.

Aggressively but safe

Audi TT RS is dominant and high-performance sports model. It is designed to be pushed to its limits and to stand various extreme driving styles. To provide high levels of safety, Audi TT RS features Side Assist system, secondary collision brake assist, stability control and aforementioned Quattro all-wheel drive.

Seductive interior

Finally, Audi TT RS meets high standards of interior design and quality of used materials as well as high-performance. The stylish, elegant, well-fitted and comfortable interior adds up to the overall luxury impression this sports car creates.