Audi TT RS 2017: First ride impressions

Audi TT RS 2017: First ride impressions

The whole Audi TT class is a group of high-performance car models, mostly sports models, but convenient for daily city traffic as well. All of these Audi models are powerful, safe, steady, luxurious and durable, but the representative of the third generation, Audi TT RS has a far more impressive reputation. Audi TT RS is known as a “supercar” in the automotive realm. This mere reputation, as well as the particular features of this car, were good enough reason for our team to go for a testing ride. Impressions aren’t fading and here are just some of the most important conclusions.

Tamed and wild wrapped into one

This car combines opposite natures into one machine, and it performs both roles amazingly. Audi TT RS offers more of everything compared to other representatives of its class. It provides more power, more safety, more high-tech gadgets and more excitement. Its features are meant to be pushed to the limits. On the one hand, Audi TT RS is the car to be driven for real, to be unleashed and operated by a driver who knows how to direct its enormous wild strength. At the same time, you can volume it down, tame it, adjust it to the everyday city traffic and melt it into the line with other cars in the street, as an elegant, steady, convenient vehicle.

All the features say –quality and power

The first thing you’ll fall for is an incredible five-cylinder, a turbocharged 2.5-liter engine that produces 400 hp and 354 pound-feet of torque. Significantly lighter compared to the engines in other Audi models, but with amazing power, Audi TT RS engine comes from zero to 60 within 3.5 seconds. Another excellent feature is awarded Quattro all-wheel system. Quattro provides the flat and effortless handling and controlling of the car. It distributes the power to each wheel according to the precise needs at the moment, resulting in perfect balance and coordination.

High levels of safety and luxury

With the latest model of brakes system, magnetic suspension and four various driving modes, Audi TT RS will keep you safe even if you stretch it to the speed limits. Above all, the interior is rather classy and perfectly fitted, so Audi TT RS becomes one highly pleasant car to choose.